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webtoon artist


Takara Mikado Aka Regalith


Takara Mikado, also known by their pen name Regalix, is a talented illustrator specializing in creating beautiful and captivating webtoon illustrations. With a unique style that blends traditional and digital techniques, Regalix's artwork is both stunningly detailed and emotionally evocative.

Their webtoon illustrations often feature intricate line work, vibrant colors, and intricate backgrounds, creating a rich and immersive visual experience for readers. Regalix's storytelling abilities are also a key component of their success, as they are able to convey complex emotions and themes through their illustrations.

By combining their technical skill with their artistic vision, Regalix creates illustrations that not only look great but also have a profound impact on the reader. Their ability to convey emotion through their artwork is a testament to their talent and dedication to their craft.

WT-SA666 aka SIX

cinematic light-style

WT-SA666 aka SIX


WT-SA666, also known as Six, is a talented 2D character artist who specializes in creating stunning cinematic light-style illustrations. Their work is characterized by its dynamic and dramatic use of lighting, creating a sense of depth and atmosphere that immerses viewers in the world of their characters.

Six's illustrations often feature a range of characters, from heroes and villains to everyday people. Their skill in creating detailed and expressive characters, combined with their mastery of light and shadow, gives their artwork a sense of realism and emotion that draws viewers in.

Their cinematic light style has gained them a dedicated following among fans of fantasy and sci-fi media, and their artwork has been featured in various publications and products, including comics, posters, and video game concept art.

Through their artwork, Six aims to tell stories and convey emotions, using lighting and character design to create a sense of mood and atmosphere. Their unique approach to character design and lighting has earned them recognition in the artistic community and inspired many aspiring artists to develop their own unique styles.

WangYueMu aka Mumu

leader:watercolour artist

WangYueMu aka Mumu


WangYueMu, also known by their nickname Mumu, is a talented artist specializing in 2D watercolor illustration. Their artwork is characterized by its delicate and intricate details, vibrant colors, and expressive characters.

Mumu's watercolor style brings a unique texture and depth to their illustrations, giving them a sense of warmth and intimacy. Their artwork often features whimsical and fantastical themes, with a focus on natural elements such as plants and animals.

Their skill in capturing the subtle nuances of watercolor techniques allows them to create illustrations that have a sense of movement and fluidity, enhancing the storytelling aspect of their work. Their illustrations have been featured in various publications and products, including children's books, calendars, and merchandise.

Mumu's ability to convey emotion and atmosphere through their watercolor illustrations has gained them a dedicated following and earned them recognition in the artistic community. Their artwork is a testament to their talent and dedication to their craft, and their unique style continues to captivate and inspire viewers.

Aerin Tsubasa Aka S-The architect

Aerin Tsubasa Aka S-The architect


the wing of DreamForgeHouse

also known as Aerin Tsubasa, is a talented artist and architect who specializes in transforming architectural drawings into 2D illustrations. With a unique style that blends traditional and modern techniques, S-the Architect creates beautiful and intricate designs that bring architectural concepts to life in a visually stunning way.

Whether working on large-scale building projects or smaller residential designs, S-the Architect's attention to detail and mastery of line work and shading create a sense of depth and texture in every piece. By adding elements of nature and the surrounding environment, S-the Architect's illustrations give viewers a sense of how a building will fit into its surroundings and interact with its environment.

Through their artwork, S-the Architect aims to bridge the gap between architecture and art, creating pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their unique perspective on the intersection of these two fields has gained them a loyal following and recognition in the architectural and artistic communities.

Anoobeast aka BEAST

Anoobeast aka BEAST


Anoobeast, also known as Beast, is a talented designer and illustrator specializing in contemporary art deco and nouveau styles. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bold, eye-catching designs, Anoobeast's work is both sophisticated and visually stunning.

Their designs often feature intricate patterns and geometric shapes, which are combined with vibrant colors and metallic accents to create a modern take on classic art deco and nouveau styles. Anoobeast's use of negative space and carefully crafted compositions give their work a sense of balance and harmony.

Their designs have been featured in various publications and products, including posters, book covers, and packaging. Anoobeast's ability to blend the elegance of art deco and nouveau styles with modern aesthetics has gained them a dedicated following in the design community.

Anoobeast's passion for contemporary art deco and nouveau is reflected in their attention to detail and their dedication to creating unique and timeless designs. Their ability to combine traditional styles with modern techniques is a testament to their talent and creativity as a designer and illustrator.

Akira Yui Aka Ferrea Divina

Mech and creature design



Ferrea Divina, also known as Akira Yui, is a highly skilled mech designer who specializes in creating intricate and dynamic designs for mechs and creatures. With a deep understanding of mechanical systems and a keen eye for aesthetics, Ferrea Divina's designs blend functionality with stunning visual appeal.

Their mechs and creatures range from sleek and streamlined to rugged and heavily armored, each with a unique personality and purpose. Whether creating designs for video games, movies, or other media, Ferrea Divina's creations are always eye-catching and memorable.

Ferrea Divina's designs are highly sought after in the entertainment industry, with their work appearing in numerous popular video games and movies. Their attention to detail and ability to create complex, layered designs that are both visually impressive and technically sound have earned them a reputation as one of the top mech designers in the industry.

By combining their technical knowledge with their artistic talent, Ferrea Divina creates designs that not only look great but also function effectively in the worlds they inhabit. Their unique approach to mech and creature design has earned them a dedicated following among fans of science fiction and fantasy media.